Hire Me for Development, Design, Training, Consulting, and Speaking

I’ve been a lot of things in my career.

I started as a designer. When I wanted more out of my designs, I learned to code.

I liked coding, so I did a lot of it. And because I like to write, I tried my hand at writing a how-to posts about code. People liked it. So I wrote a few books about code.

I needed to make money, so I learned to sell, and to market, and to build systems and processes. I saw my freelance business grow into a full-fledged design agency1 with its own employees, contractors, and a huge network of clients.

I met some people in my city who coded, and I offered to teach them how to use some tools. It went well. So I did more of that, and ended up running a lot of code and design workshops.

I liked speaking, so I did more of that.2

I got tired of running an agency, so I sold it. I wanted to create more things, so I started taking research and development contracts to build experimental web apps.

Here’s How I Can Help You

In doing all of these jobs, I’ve picked up the know-how to do nearly every job in a web agency. And I’ve got a lot of practice teaching people how to use cutting-edge tools, how to build highly-efficient processes, and how to keep the workplace healthy with better balance.

1. I can teach you (or your team) about tools and strategies.

I offer workshops, both remote and on-site, to teach teams and individuals about code, design, process development, work-life balance, and efficiency/productivity.

2. I can review your app or website.

Need a professional to look over a proposal or review your code? Looking to improve your current site but you’re not sure what you should focus on?

I can review what you’ve got and help you put together a plan of action so you can feel confident that your next steps are technically sound as well as growth-focused.

3. I can build a prototype or proof-of-concept for your app (and test its viability).

Have a moonshot idea that you think will work, but you can’t put your dev team on right now? I can do the work of an entire agency, so let me design, build, and market-test your app idea. Think of me as a one-man skunk works for your app ideas.

4. I can work with your team to implement production-ready code.

I’m capable of working with a broad variety of front- and back-end languages and frameworks,3 and I’m very good at learning systems. You can drop me into your existing team to help solve some particularly hard problems, and know that the code I deliver will be production-ready, well-documented, and easy to maintain by your team members in the future.

  1. Copter Labs has a corner on website development for the fitness industry. I sold the company back in 2014 so I could start traveling permanently.
  2. I’ve spoken and run workshops at events ranging from huge conferences, like SXSW and CSS Dev Conf, to small local meetups.
  3. For a more technical explanation: I am especially experienced with plain ol’ JavaScript, which allows me to easily pick up new frameworks written in JavaScript. I’ve previously worked with React, Angular, Node, and various JS libraries, and picking up new ones means a matter of days, if not hours. I also have experience with things like functional programming, the newfangled stuff like modules in ES2015/ES7

    I’m also a process nerd, so front-end tooling (Grunt, Gulp, webpack, npm-as-a-build-tool, etc.) is somewhere I’ve really geeked out. Getting teams set up with fast, easy dev environments — think Ansible and Vagrant — is something I love working on.

    My roots go back to PHP. I started as a web developer, and I’ve built over 300 Wordpress sites in my career. I know the WordPress internals really well, and I’m a good resource for avoiding the creeping nightmare of plugin overkill.

    I’ve also run several workshops on advanced CSS (PostCSS, Sass, getting into super-nerdy shit like pseudo-selectors and flexbox and hardware acceleration).

    Recently I’ve had a hard-on for static site generation and high-performance web apps without a ton of dev-ops overhead. If a site doesn’t load fast, it loses visitors (and therefore revenue); it doesn’t have to be hard to get a site loading quickly, and I like to figure out how to make that happen.